Quick and easy Auto repair you can do yourself


car owner

As a car owner, the best thing you can do is know how to maintain the car in perfect condition and what to do when something goes wrong. The following are easy and quick do it yourself auto repair.

· Oil change.


This is quite an easy job but it should be done with a lot of precaution. You should not change the oil immediately after driving the car since it is too hot, wait for a couple of hours for it to cool.

· Windshield wipers

If the rubber strips are worn out, replace them for optimal driving conditions when it is raining. You will only need new wipers and a screwdriver to change them.

· Headlight bulbs

If there is any burnt headlight bulb, you can easily replace it if your car does not have a sealed beam of headlights. However, ensure you get the right bulb, one that is compatible with your car.

· Spark plugs

This is a simple auto repair procedure and it makes the car drive more smoothly due to the better fuel consumption. Carefully check the plug wires when replacing the spark plugs.

· Dangling exhaust pipes

If there are any noises coming from the back of the car, it can be due to damaged pipe holders. Most cars use rubber loops to hold exhaust pipes in position which get damaged with time. Look under the car if they are broken and replace them accordingly.

· Brake pads

You should always keep the brakes of your car in optimal conditions to avoid injuries or any accidents. If the brake pads are worn out, replace them to maintain an optimal condition of the braking system.

· Fuel filters

Fuel filters cost about $20 depending on the car and they can save you hundreds of dollars from engine repair if you change them regularly. They help to keep the carburetor system and fuel injection clean and in proper working condition. However, ensure that you release fuel system pressure before replacing them to avoid injury or damage.

Regular car repair and maintenance are the main priorities in keeping your car away from the mechanic shop and the above easy do it yourself repairs will help maintain your car in optimal condition. However, you should ensure that you follow all the safety precautions when doing the repairs to prevent injury.

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